Jon Marco (born John Christopher Marco; December 14, 1965) is an American actor, comedian and writer.


As a native Chicagoan, Jon spent half his acting career in Chicago. Even though his skits from childhood (only an audience of immediate family) were politely well received, it wasn't until college that Jon discovered others found him funny as well. Performing at small non-union storefront theaters lead to working in the Chicago improv community with The Free Associates. Performing with Second City followed; Then Equity Shakespeare in the park; Then Equity Regional Theater; Then a short stint in NYC. After spending the majority of his life either freezing or wet from the humidity, Jon decided the most illogical thing to do was to move to Los Angeles at age 40. Seems reasonable enough. Although challenging, Jon has been blessed with many commercials, a handful of short films, small TV gigs, theater work and improv shows. Life is good!


Recently released... Jon worked on a series of short films for VCA, directed by comedian Whitney Cummings. 


Work begets work. Let the fun continue. Do you hear that Universe? On to the next...