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"It's like NCIS and Saturday Night Live had a baby
...a really goofy baby!"

A fully improvised crime show parody

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Come see spoof versions of your favorite TV crime-show characters in a fully improvised live episode.
TV crime shows are all the same… A bad person does something bad and within an hour, the case is solved. The only difference is the characters. Well, give your DVR a rest because we did you a favor. We took favorite characters from a variety of crime shows and brought them together in one live episode! With your input, the plot jumps from formulaic to “you won’t see THAT on TV”.
Don't miss out... New episodes each week. 
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Lieutenant Polumbo -
Based on Lt. Columbo (Peter Faulk)from Columbo. He's an old school, bumbling detective. He means well, but...he's old and out of touch.
Phoebe Garza -
Based on Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness)from Criminal Minds. She's a tech savvy computer expert. She knows all and can do all with her trusty laptop! Some think she's a witch.
Caitlin Pillows -
Based on Catherine Willows(Marg Helgenberger)from CSI: Las Vegas. The "sexy one" out of the group. A former stripper turned CSI investigator. Can she leave her past behind?
Dick Castile -
Based on Richard Castle(Nathan Fillion) from Castle. Famous best selling author. Uses his books to solve crimes. Where did he get his book ideas from? Hmmm....very suspicious.
Alyssa Dubonnet -
Based on Alison Dubois(Patricia Arquette)from Medium. She's has psychic abilities. She can see the future while asleep. She can fall asleep at a moments notice. A narcoleptic crime fighter? Um...ok.
Bobby Boren -
Based on Robert Goren(Vincent D'Onofrio)from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. High status detective with weird posturing. He gets to the bottom of things by getting in your face. Literally. He's a close talker and feels by talking close and "breathing in" the suspects air...he finds the truth. 
Addie Squido -
Based on Abby Sciuto(Pauley Perrette))from NCIS. She's a forensics specialist. A rebel. She dresses as if she's still in her high-school theater group. Gothic clothing, dark eyeliner,studded choker. Grow up already.
Fellatio Paine -
Based on Horatio Caine(David Caruso)from CSI:Miami. He speaks slow and oddly. He rarely makes sense. Always wears sunglasses. What's he
hiding from?
Harriette "Harri" Klang -
Based on Henrietta "Hetty" Lange (Linda Hunt) from NCSI: Los Angeles. She's Operations Manager of the group. The Boss! In spite of her small stature, she's intimidating, gruff and will eat you alive to get the job done. Consider yourself warned.
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